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Darkmoon Comics Founder
Brandon Calloway

Writer & Creator of Black Spartans, Knights of Olympus, Michael, Detroit Red , and many more series for Darkmoon Comics and Darkmoon Manga.

I have always been a huge fan of manga and anime. I have a deep love and a lot of appreciation for titles like One Piece, Yu Yu Hakusho, Attack On Titan, and many others.

One day, my friend and I were talking about how cool it would be if we created our own and I couldn't let the idea go. I dove in and began to build the world and story of Black Spartans. After two years of research and building a solid foundation, I was able to launch chapter one of Black Spartans in March of 2021, and I am excited to keep this series running until it's conclusion over the next few years. 

It was born out of pure love and enjoyment for the Shonen genre and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. 

The traditional western comics side of Darkmoon Comics just came from me not being able to contain my creativity. I had so many stories inside of me that I wanted to get out. I have been lucky enough to come across some great writers and creators since launching Black Spartans, so I reached out to a few of them and together, we started writing the Darkmoon Comics Universe

the team

R. Alan Brooks by Joe Rogers 1.jpg

R. Alan brooks
Brooks is the writer of the Skybreak series for Darkmoon Comics.
R. Alan Brooks teaches writing for Regis University’s MFA program, and Lighthouse Writers Workshop. He’s the author of “The Burning Metronome” and “Anguish Garden” - graphic novels featuring social commentary, as well as his award-winning weekly comic for The Colorado Sun, “What’d I Miss?”. His TED Talk on the importance of art reached 1 million views in 2 months. 


Johnny waller jr.
Waller is the writer of the Mania Black series for Darkmoon Comics.
Waller lives in Kansas City, Mo but is originally from Omaha, Ne, where his love of comics was born. He began collecting comics after his dad told him a tale of the plant eater, a flying torch and a device named The Ultimate Nullifier. After being taken to the comic book store and purchasing his first Fantastic Four comic book, Johnny was hooked! He now has amassed a collection of hundreds of comics spanning from the Golden Age to Modern, autographed pieces from creators such as Stan Lee, Bob Kane, Todd McFarlane and others. 



Aaron Conaway
Conaway is the writer of the Prometheus series for Darkmoon Comics.
A huge fan of myths and folklore, he loves to experiment with tales, mostly flash pieces and short stories. Other work of Aaron's include, The magical realism/urban fantasy series, The Timberhaven Chronicles, Horror stories with The Michael Gideon Collection, and Co-creator/co-founder of the New Vision Comics Collective, where his Harrowed Earth series lives. You can also find Aaron talking shop with other creatives on his YouTube show Drinks Around The Table.


Macchiato Studios
Macchiato Studios is the illustration team for the Black Spartans manga
Macchiato Studios is a professional illustration team that specializes in bringing comics to life. They have produced various titles, including Black Bow, Mask of Orisha, their signature title Macchiato, and many more.


Cesar Orellana
Orellana is the character design and concept artist for Darkmoon Comics.
Orellana is an extremely talented artist, who is very skilled and has extensive experience in character design. 


Miles Salazar
Salazar is the illustrator for various titles at Darkmoon Comics.
Salazar is an up and coming illustrator with a passion for comics and manga. He has worked on various titles of his own prior to joining the Darkmoon team. 


Read The Story Behind The Story

Learn what inspired the story of the Black Spartans

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