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What Is Darkmoon Comics?

we create your next favorite story

Darkmoon Comics is a publishing company for manga, comics, and graphic novels. It was launched in November of 2020 with our flagship title Black Spartans Manga. 

Since our launch we've expanded to add additional manga titles and are preparing for the launch of the Darkmoon Comics Universe.


Black Spartans manga

A young man uses the power of a demonic spirit to slay demons, build an entire demon slaying crew, and restore his fathers honor. 

Available Now

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darkmoon comics universe

At Darkmoon Comics we do things a little different. Instead of releasing single issue comics that culminate in to a full story, we release each of our comics in 60 page long graphic novels. 

When you read a comic from us, it will feel like you just watched a feature length movie. 

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